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Spend $150, Get $30 Back

Connect your eligible Amex Card with TripAdvisor and add this offer to your Card to get a 1X statement credit of $30 when you spend a total of $150+ with your connected Card at by September 30, 2014. T&C’s Apply.

Offer Terms

Offer available to Card Members in the US. Add this offer to get a $30 statement credit when you spend a total of $150 or more on your connected Card at before 11:59 (EST in the U.S.) on September 30, 2014. Enrollment limited.

Your TripAdvisor Program Terms & Conditions apply to this connected Card offer - check them for full details about connected Card offers and statement credits.

Statement credits will appear on your American Express billing statement within ninety days after the end of the applicable offer period, provided that we receive information about the Qualifying Transactions.